My fees vary according to what is wanted, where and when. As a rough guide, a one-day visit to a school, of four storytelling performances (each to a different age-group), for example, would normally come in at £300 (plus travel if outside my home county of Sussex). A half-day visit would typically be £200.

Storytelling for a Learning Journey - Rates

 You can book me for a SHOW, a MORNING or a DAY:

SHOW A one hour show on a chosen topic £150

MORNING A show plus one or two workshops                  £200 

DAY             A show plus three or four workshops   £250 

And Something Extra…

Book any Storytelling for a Learning Journey programme and I can also include a twenty-minute storytelling show to another Key Stage or Year Group, at no extra charge.

NB If your topic is not on the list or if you have some other programme of shows/workshops in mind do get in touch and let’s see what we can do.