a story teller of mercurial brilliance
— Matthew Dexter, audience member, Camden StoryNight
powerful and provocative
— Kevin Maher, film critic for the Times


Nothing is more satisfying to listen to than a story

If it’s well told

And that’s what I do

Face-to-face with my audience I draw them into the story

And get them listening, engaged, inspired

So let Jamie Crawford Storytelling help you bring people together

To make your project shine.

I create and deliver storytelling programmes in the arts, education, heritage, media and business sectors as well as privately. I do shows, teach storytelling courses and run consultancies. All my practice is based on: 

  • Researching stories from oral and written traditions

  • Shaping new versions of the stories to the needs of my clients

  • Telling those stories to audiences of all ages face-to-face

  • Inspiring others to tell their stories


Shows – my tellings of myths, wonder tales, historical events and personal stories 

Courses – helping you to find your storytelling voice and tell to a live audience. For more about my storytelling courses for adults at the Hillcrest Centre in Newhaven please click here.

Consultancy – Presentations and collaborations to develop storytelling for your project 

He armed us with a wealth of useful tools and techniques to enhance our written and verbal communication

— Gareth Orr, OMD UK