a story teller of mercurial brilliance
— Matthew Dexter, audience member, Camden StoryNight
powerful and provocative
— Kevin Maher, film critic for the Times


Nothing is more satisfying to listen to than a story

If it’s well told

And that’s what I do

Face-to-face with my audience I draw them into the story

And get them listening, engaged, inspired

So let Jamie Crawford Storytelling help you bring people together

To make your project shine.

I create and deliver storytelling programmes in the arts, education, heritage, media and business sectors as well as privately. I do shows, teach storytelling courses and run consultancies. All my practice is based on: 

  • Researching stories from oral and written traditions

  • Shaping new versions of the stories to the needs of my clients

  • Telling those stories to audiences of all ages face-to-face

  • Inspiring others to tell their stories


Shows – my tellings of myths, wonder tales, historical events and personal stories 

Courses – helping you to find your storytelling voice and tell to a live audience. For more about my storytelling courses for adults at the Hillcrest Centre in Newhaven please click here.

Consultancy – Presentations and collaborations to develop storytelling for your project 

He armed us with a wealth of useful tools and techniques to enhance our written and verbal communication

— Gareth Orr, OMD UK
you connected with the children straightaway
— Lindsey Hudson, Head, Alfriston Primary
got adults and children creating wonderful stories

— Eleanor Fell, BBC Learning

Storytelling for a Learning Journey   

From the Ice Age to World War Two

Choose from ten humanities topics.

Launch or deepen your topic with stories from that culture.

Enhance your work as teachers – Enrich students’ learning.

Bring the topic to life with a dynamic interactive show.

Keep the buzz going with a choice of follow-on activities.

Find an affordable package from three high-value pricing options.

Shows and Workshops

Book one or more Storytelling Shows

Add optional Follow-on Workshops

You can book me for an hour, a morning or a day.

the ‘must-have’ story-teller for any event!

— Mr Laurence Stead, Head of Middle School, St. Christopher's School, Hove

Ten Topics to Choose from

Click on a topic or scroll down to find out more, including follow-up activities and discussion points.



Hunter-gatherer stories of shape-shifters and animal spirits invite us to question our place in the natural world. What animal would you turn into if you could. How would you use this power? How might it use you!? Make up a story.

Created by VectorBakery from Noun Project

Created by VectorBakery from Noun Project

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Created by Gustavo Ribeiro Vieira from Noun Project

Created by Gustavo Ribeiro Vieira from Noun Project

Ancient Egypt

ISIS AND OSIRIS. The classic myth of a god losing her loved one… and discovering the value of compassion. The Ancient Egyptians loved prayers and spells! Make up an Egyptian chant from the names of the Gods. Use rhythm and repetition to make it catchy.


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GREEK MYTHS. Do the Fates control our lives or are we free to choose? Once a term, I take A GENUINE GREEK HOPLITE HELMET 2,500 YEARS OLD inherited from my grandfather into schools. Book your date with GODS AND HEROES now!

Greek Soldier.jpg
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Created by Ervin Bolat from Noun Project

Created by Ervin Bolat from Noun Project



EYE-POPPING, JAW-DROPPING TALES of forgotten Arthurian magic explore the necessity and the challenges of working as a tribe! List all the impossible things you heard in today’s story.

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Will POMPEII erupt before Captain Lycos can rescue his badboy gladiator brother? Originally composed for the British Museum, this adventure story examines similarities and differences between the Roman world and our own.

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Created by Yang LIU from Noun Project

Created by Yang LIU from Noun Project


Created by Tresnatiq from Noun Project

Created by Tresnatiq from Noun Project


Monsters beware! BEOWULF walks this way… What does it mean to be a hero? Imagine that Grendel’s arm continues to move after being torn from its body! What then?

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THE NORSE MYTHS confront us with the problem of what to do about evil in the world. Loki is a trickster, a half-clown, half-magician, who can flip between good and evil. Do you know any real-life tricksters? What makes someone a trickster?

Created by Amber Parrow from Noun Project

Created by Amber Parrow from Noun Project


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Created by Vignesh Nanda Kumhar from Noun Project

Created by Vignesh Nanda Kumhar from Noun Project


URBAN LEGENDS and Supernatural Tales! What does it mean to face our deepest fears? List all the things that scare you. How many are natural and how many supernatural? Can you think of antidotes to your fears?


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World War Two

TRUE STORIES, including: my great-aunt’s memories of life in occupied France; a thrilling account of heroism and survival from the ill-fated Dieppe raid of 1942. What surprised you most about the stories? List the every-day details and strange facts that give these stories the ring of truth.

Created by Lluisa Iborra from Noun Project

Created by Lluisa Iborra from Noun Project


Created by Icons Producer from Noun Project

Created by Icons Producer from Noun Project

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Sussex Stories    

BLACKSMITHS, saints, dragons and smugglers populate these lesser known folk-tales. The stories link to history, geography, literacy and local studies topics. Make up a rhyme about one of the stories or characters.


Storytelling for All

other storytelling programmes

SHOWS to audiences of all ages and sizes of traditional tales brought to life for the 21st century: dramatic, funny, interactive and thought-provoking.

WORKSHOPS enable participants to re-tell a short story, first in pairs and then working out to a wider audience. They often follow a SHOW and lead to a STORYSWAP in which different groups exchange stories.

TRAINING sessions, from anything between an hour and a day in length, enable educational professionals and others to use storytelling effectively in their working environment.

you inspire me
— Megan, year 5 student, Berrywood Primary School


My fees vary according to what is wanted, where and when. As a rough guide, one-day visits to schools (typically of four storytelling performances, each to a different age-group) start from £330 (plus travel if outside my home county of Sussex); half-day visits from £270.

Storytelling for a Learning Journey - Rates

 You can book me for a SHOW, a MORNING or a DAY.

SHOW: One hour on a chosen topic: from £180

MORNING: Show + 1 or 2 workshops: from £270

DAY: Show + 3 or 4 workshops: from £330

And Something Extra…

Book any Storytelling for a Learning Journey programme and I can also include a twenty-minute storytelling show to another Key Stage or Year Group, at no extra charge.

NB If your topic is not on the list or if you have some other programme of shows/workshops in mind do get in touch and let’s see what we can do.

excellent value for money - surpassed all expectations
— Lindsey Hudson, Head, Alfriston Primary



Using my contact details or the form below…

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  2. I tell you what I can offer

  3. You book a storytelling programme


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if he knocks on your door invite him in
— Ashley Ramsden, Emerson School of Storytelling
he is always a pleasure to work with

— Alison Royce Artistic Director South London Storytelling